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From 2008-2011, I formatted countless case study, datasheet, and white paper
documents in US English, Queen’s English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Polish.

UC4 is now known as Automic.

Case Studies
PDF – Concur: Wolters Kluwer (US English)
PDF – UC4 Allianz (Queen’s English)
PDF – UC4 Allianz (German)

PDF – Concur/FCm Travel & Expense (US English)
PDF – UC4 RA Package for Microsoft Hyper-V (German)
PDF – UC4 Managed File Transfer (US English)
PDF – UC4 Service Level Govenor (US English)
PDF – UC4 Service Level Govenor (German)
PDF – UC4 Virtualisation Management (German)

Product Promotional Documents
PDF – Concur Audit special offer (US English)